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  USTA Tennis On Campus Program Offers Co-ed Team Tennis in Pacific Northwest

TOC home page 11-22-10
Throughout the Pacific Northwest, college students are becoming a part of exciting coed tennis action that keeps their competitive fire burning and offers some serious fun, too.
If you played tennis on your high school team and miss the competition, or if you’re new to tennis and are just looking to meet some friends who share the same interest – USTA Tennis On Campus (TOC) is exactly what you need. College students interested in becoming a part of USTA Tennis On Campus can join their school's intramural program and/or traveling sport club that plays other schools in the Pacific Northwest.
Think your school might already be in the swing of things? To find information specific to your school, contact your 2013-14 USTA Tennis On Campus Coordinator.
If you are interested in starting a USTA Tennis On Campus program at your school, take advantage of free USTA Tennis On Campus resources. If you have questions regarding the TOC program in the Pacific Northwest, please contact Mark Toppe by email at markt@pnw.usta.com.


  USTA Tennis on Campus Website


The official website of the Tennis On Campus (TOC) program, www.tennisoncampus.com, provides an array of resources, materials and information to help support the rapidly expanding non-varsity side of college tennis.

Some of the free downloadable resources available on the site include customizable marketing materials, fundraising resources, tips for tennis club leaders, and a guidebook for starting a club tennis team. The site also lists upcoming section and national tournaments like the USTA Tennis on Campus Championship – Pacific Northwest and the USTA National Campus Championship.