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USTA League: What a League Coordinator Can Do for You

If you are a USTA Pacific Northwest League player or hoping to become one, the USTA League Coordinators are your greatest resource for guidance and information. If you're a captain and need help scheduling courts or finding another player to add to your roster, your USTA League Coordinator can help. If you're new to USTA League and would like to find a team, your league coordinator can put you in contact with one that is right for you.
Whether you play in the Adult, Senior, Super Senior or Mixed Doubles division, USTA League Coordinators can help with grievances in regards to rules and sportsmanship and any other day-to-day issues or concerns that may surface during your USTA Pacific Northwest League season.
To locate the appropriate league coordinator for you, scroll below to find your area and choose the person who handles the division you participate in or the division you would like to participate in. If you have any questions please email info@pnw.usta.com

2011-12 USTA League Coordinators


League Coordinator
Lisa Reid
Phone: (503) 910-9732 
Email: lisareid124@comcast.net
Senior and Super Senior League Coordinator
Title: Connie Clark
Phone: (541) 343-9454
Email: cjcclark@comcast.net
Adult and Senior Mixed Doubles League Coordinator 
Fred Stewart
Phone: (503) 364-8338
Email: fredcstewart@hotmail.com
USTA/PNW One Doubles League Coordinator
Margaret Collier
Phone: (541) 480-8184 
Email: kmckcollier@msn.com
Adult and USTA/PNW One Doubles League Coordinator
Jana Hirst
Phone: (503) 887-9798
Email: ustajana@zzz.com 
Senior League Coordinator
Joyce Atkins

Phone: (503) 245-9449
Email: uwdawggirl@gmail.com
Super Senior League Coordinator
Maureen Ellis

Phone: (503) 318-8400
Email: maellis1@msn.com
70+ League Coordinator
Ellen MacPherson
Phone: (503) 246-5771

Adult Mixed Doubles League Coordinator
Mike Yee

Phone: (503) 232-1719
Email: Mike@Yee-Enterprises.com

Senior Mixed 
Jana Hirst
Phone: (503) 887-9798
Email: ustajana@zzz.com
USTA Flex League Coordinator
Maureen Strieb
Phone: (425) 889-2791
Adult League Coordinator
Vaunn Litchfield

Phone: (360) 789-0902
Email: swwusta@comcast.net
Senior,Super Senior and USTA/PNW One Doubles League Coordinator
Kathi McKay
Phone: (360) 352-4212
Email: SWWtennis@gmail.com
70+ League Coordinator
Kathy Bonifield
Phone: (360) 866-7251
Email: Senior10s@comcast.net
Adult and Senior Mixed League Coordinator
Mark Miner

Phone: (360) 259-9227
Email: swwmxd10s@gmail.com 

Adult League Coordinator
Kim Niino

Phone: (206) 932-3271
Email: niinok@msn.com
Senior and Super Senior League Coordinator
Randy Vitcovich
Phone: (425) 640-9630
Email: rf.vitco@frontier.com
Adult Mixed Doubles League Coordinator
Phyllis Gill

Phone: (425) 502-2441
Email: pgill82@hotmail.com  

USTA/PNW One Doubles League Coordinator
Tom Stingily
Phone: (425) 337-0495
Email: billpickletom@aol.com
USTA Flex League Coordinator
Maureen Strieb
Phone: (425) 889-2791
Email: maureenstrieb@yahoo.com
Adult League Coordinator
Elece Fiocchi

Phone: (509) 521-9076
Senior and Super Senior League Coordinator
Lea Hawkins

Phone: (509) 943-0053
Email: leahawkins@clearwire.net
Senior Mixed and USTA/PNW One Doubles League Coordinator
Cheryl Lepper
Phone: (509) 624-9971
Email: clepper@4tennisfun.com
Adult, Senior, Super Senior, Mixed Doubles and USTA/PNW One Doubles League Coordinator 
Barbara Thurston
Phone: (907) 279-2787
Email: barbarathurston@mac.com
Sheila Banks
Phone: (425) 379-5670
Email: sheilab@pnw.usta.com

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