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USTA Pacific Northwest
9746 SW Nimbus Ave.
Beaverton, OR 97008
P: (503) 520-1877
E: info@pnw.usta.com

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USTA Pacific Northwest Sponsorship Information

If you have questions regarding sponsorship and the USTA Pacific Northwest (USTA/PNW), please contact USTA/PNW Marketing/Communications Director Blair Thompson by email at thompson@pnw.usta.com, or by phone at (503) 520-1877, x 19, toll-free at (877) 791-1308.

1. USTA Pacific Northwest
As one of the USTA’s seventeen geographic Sections, USTA Pacific Northwest (USTA/PNW) promotes, services and administers USTA programs in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Northern Idaho.
The USTA has created innovative and creative programs in its efforts to develop and promote the game of tennis. The USTA Pacific Northwest has achieved many successes in growing tennis throughout the region.
Exciting tennis programs and events service over 24,000 members and inspire new tennis players and fans throughout the Pacific Northwest.
2. Sponsor Benefits
As a USTA Pacific Northwest sponsor, you will receive the advantage of reaching a highly desirable demographic audience. USTA/PNW program and/or event sponsorship will provide your company an excellent opportunity for product promotion, image enhancement, and a winning community partnership with the lifetime sport of tennis. Sponsorship of USTA/PNW programs and events will offer your company the following benefits:
  • The opportunity to be affiliated with a prominent organization and tennis program or event.
  • The opportunity to showcase your organization and its products or services to a loyal demographic and develop customer acquisition.
  • The opportunity to develop and secure relationships with tennis players and fans across the Pacific Northwest.

3. Sponsorship Benefits

The following is a sampling of potential benefits your organization can receive as a supporter of tennis in the Pacific Northwest. We are always looking for ways to help you meet your promotional goals and encourage your comments and suggestions.


Sponsorship designations that are available vary depending on the program or event. Designations are valid for the length of the contract agreement.

Promotional Rights

Your organization may have the right to use the agreed upon designation in advertising, promotion and public relations for the length of the contract agreement within the states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Northern Idaho.


Your organization may receive prominent exposure by branding your organization’s name and marks in any one or combination of the following:

  • Banner placement on tennis courts and/or event area;
  • Name and logo on collateral, including: invitations, posters, programs, event T-shirts or other merchandise;
  • Literature, coupons, etc. in player/participant gift bags;
  • Sponsor links and advertising on the USTA/PNW website.

Sales/Sampling Opportunities

Your organization may have the opportunity to have an on-site exhibit during the event to distribute samples or information about your product or service. Samples or literature may also be placed in player/participant gift bags. Whenever possible, the USTA/PNW may permit your organization to distribute samples or sell your product or services to participants.

Personal Appearances with Athletes

Your organization may have the opportunity to meet, play and be photographed with participating athletes/players.


Public Relations Support

Your organization may receive public relations support from USTA Pacific Northwest. Support will include:

1. Distribution of press releases to all area media, USTA/PNW Member Organizations and other suitable entities;
2. Promotion on USTA/PNW digital media including website, Facebook and Twitter page.
3. Your organization may have access to the USTA Pacific Northwest Section’s mailing list one time during sponsorship agreement.

Special Events

Your organization may have the option to co-sponsor any special event(s) held in conjunction with your sponsored program or event. Such additional special events may include kids carnivals, player parties, Pro-Ams or clinics.

Awards Presentation Opportunities

Your organization may have the right to have a representative present awards to players and volunteers.

US Open tickets

Your organization may have access to tickets at the U.S. Open held annually in New York.  

Tax Deductible Sponsorship
The USTA Pacific Northwest is a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service. Under this exempt status, your cash and donation will be tax deductible. A formal Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) letter can be obtained upon request.

4. USTA/PNW Demographics

USTA/PNW program participants are health-conscious consumers. Our members are very diverse; crossing all ages, race and socio-economic backgrounds. Tennis players are known for their loyalty towards supporters of the sport.


51% Female
49% Male


19% Under 25
41% 45-64
32% 25-44
7% 65


24% College Graduates
4% Doctorate
23% Masters Graduates
16% Attended college
12% Post Graduate


6% $25,000 or less
25% $50,000-74,999
10% $25,000-34,999
21% $75,000-99,999
11% $35,000-49,999
27% $100,000

Marital Status:

64% Married
6% Divorced/Sep.
29% Single
1% Widowed


51% One or more children under 18 at home
49% No children living at home


74% Home owners
10% Home renters
9% Rent apartments


Tennis (75% play more than once/week)

5. USTA/PNW Programs, Events and Audience

USTA Tennis Programs and Events for Youth 



Afterschool Tennis (Tennis Afterschool Zone)

Elementary school children

USTA Jr. Team Tennis

Ages 6-18

USTA Jr. Team Tennis Sectional Playoffs

Ages 8-18

Junior Championship
Summer Sectional Tournament

Ages 10-18

USTA Tennis Programs and Events for Adults



USTA Tennis on Campus

Ages 18-25

USTA League Tennis (Age divisions: 18 & over, 40 & over, 55 & over)

Ages 18-70

USTA League Tennis - Mixed Doubles (Age divisions same as above)

Ages 18-70

USTA/PNW Wheelchair Sectional Tournament

Ages 18 and over



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